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Another method is rinsing with strong alcoholic beverages. You can take vodka, cognac, whiskey - in a word, any strong and unsweetened drink that can be found in your bar. Take a long sip and hold the liquid near the aching tooth. The gums will absorb the alcohol, numb, and the pain will decrease. Only you don't need to swallow such a medicine, just spit out the alcohol after the procedure.


Bringing pills


From pharmaceutical preparations that can be found in every first-aid kit, furacilin (2 tablets per glass of water), iodine (2-3 drops per glass), potassium permanganate (several crystals until a pink solution is obtained) are suitable.


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If an attack of toothache caught you at a time when there is no way to immediately go to the dentist, then it is best to use an integrated approach to solving the problem of how to relieve toothache. At least the following actions will be your program: Thoroughly brush your teeth, Floss the interdental spaces, Rinse your mouth with a solution of sea or ordinary salt, soda, or just warm water, Take an anesthetic. Folk recipes and advice. Decoctions of medicinal plants and solutions of substances with antiseptic properties will help to enhance the effect of rinsing and partially relieve tissue edema. You can use decoctions of chamomile, calendula, sage, calamus bark, St. John's wort, plantain.

First, let's figure out why a toothache occurs. In most cases, it is caused by damage to the dental nerve (pulp) or the tissues surrounding the tooth. The pain can manifest itself in different ways: it can be aching constant, shooting, throbbing, given to the ear or temple, provoking a migraine, aggravated by exposure to cold, heat, mechanical stimuli. Caries, in case of deep penetration of the infection into the cavity of the tooth, Exposure of the neck of the tooth, Violation of technology during filling of the tooth, Cracks in the enamel, Pulpitis, Periodontitis.

All these diseases require treatment by a dentist, even if you have found an effective way to remove a toothache, this does not mean that you have cured your tooth. Dental tissues do not have the ability to heal themselves, and discomfort can return at any time.

Sometimes the pain disappears for a long time, but this factor only indicates that the inflammatory process has passed from an acute phase to a chronic one, that the death of nerve tissues occurs, and as a consequence, serious complications such as a purulent abscess, inflammation of bone tissue (osteomyelitis), phlegmon can develop. At the first painful symptoms, you must make an appointment with a dentist. The doctor will find out what pathological processes caused the pain and will be able to prescribe the correct treatment.